Abandoned Puppy Desperately Follow Kind Couple Home From Grocery Store

A couple who were waiting next to their groceries outside a store in Bulgaria got a surprise visit from a friendly puppy, who seemed eager to play and cuddle with them. 

The couple, who are known for rescuing stray animals and finding them new homes, immediately suspected that the puppy was abandoned by his previous owners and had no one to care for him.

They decided to give him some sausages and a few minutes of attention, hoping that he would find his way back to safety. 

However, the puppy had other plans. 

He started to follow the couple as they walked away from the store, not wanting to lose sight of his new friends.

The couple thought that the puppy would eventually stop following them and go back to where he came from, but they were wrong. 

The puppy was determined to stay with them, and every time they tried to send him away, he gave them a look of sadness and hope. 

His eyes were pleading, as if he was saying “please take me home with you”.

The couple felt sorry for the puppy and decided that if he followed them all the way home, they would take him in. 

And that is exactly what he did. He followed them for several minutes, until they reached their house. 

When they opened the door for him, he was overjoyed but also hesitant. He was not sure if he was welcome or not.

The couple reassured him that he was safe and invited him inside.

They gave him more food and water, and cleaned him up from the dirt and sand that covered his fur. He appeared to be in a very good condition.

The puppy was grateful for their kindness and showed his affection by licking their faces and wagging his tail. He seemed to have found his new family.

However, the couple explained that they could not keep him forever, as they already had many other animals to take care of. 

They said that they would find him a loving adopter who would give him a permanent home. 

They also said that they would make sure that he was vaccinated and neutered before giving him away.

They uploaded the video of him following them home from the grocery store, which went viral and attracted many comments and reactions.

They also posted his story and photos on social media, hoping to find someone who would fall in love with him. 

Watch the video below: