After Being At The Shelter For 93 Days, Dog Gets Adopted By His Favorite Volunteer

Many dogs are homeless and suffer on the streets, without a family to care for them.

Some of them end up in shelters, where they hope to find a new home. 

But not all dogs are lucky enough to be adopted quickly. 

Some of them have to wait for months or even years, especially if they belong to a breed that is often misunderstood or discriminated against.

One of these dogs was Bubba Jr., a Pitbull who lived at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena, Montana. 

This shelter is a wonderful place that takes in over 1500 animals each year and has a 98% adoption rate. 

They never give up on any dog, no matter how long it takes for them to find their forever home.

Bubba Jr. was one of their longest residents. 

He stayed at the shelter for 93 days, which is a long time for a dog who just wants to be loved.

Source: Facebook

He was a sweet and friendly boy, who loved to give kisses and cuddles to his human friends. 

He was also very smart and playful, and enjoyed walks and toys. 

But he was also a Pitbull, and that made it harder for him to get adopted.

Many people have negative stereotypes about Pitbulls, and think they are aggressive or dangerous. 

This is not true at all. Pitbulls are loyal, affectionate, and gentle dogs, who can be great companions for anyone who treats them well. 

They are not born bad, they are made bad by humans who abuse them or use them for fighting.

Another problem that Bubba Jr. faced was that many landlords do not allow Pitbulls in their properties, or charge extra fees for them. 

This limits the options for potential adopters, who may not be able to afford or find a suitable place to live with their dog.

Bubba Jr. did not deserve to be judged by his appearance or his breed. 

He deserved to have a loving home, where he could be happy and safe. 

He had a lot of love to give, and he was waiting for someone who would appreciate him for who he was.

Luckily, that someone finally came along. It was one of the volunteers at the shelter, who had a special bond with Bubba Jr. 

He had spent a lot of time with him, and knew how wonderful he was. He decided to adopt him and make him part of his family.

Source: Facebook

The shelter staff were overjoyed by this news, and shared it on their Facebook page. 

They let Bubba Jr. write his own diary entry, expressing his gratitude and excitement about his new life.

Source: Facebook

Bubba Jr.’s diary entry was adorable and touching. 

He thanked everyone at the shelter for taking care of him, and said how much he loved his new dad and is anticipating for his new home. 

His story went viral on social media, and inspired many people to consider adopting a shelter dog, especially a Pitbull. 

Bubba Jr.’s volunteer dad showed that these dogs are not monsters, but angels who just need a chance to shine.

Source: Facebook

If you are thinking about getting a dog, please visit your local shelter and meet some of the amazing dogs who are waiting for you. You may find your new best friend there, just like Bubba Jr.’s dad did.