4 things to clean a TV screen with

What to clean tv screen with

A squeaky clean TV screen is best achieved using the guidelines, products and instructions provided by the manufacturer for that particular model or product. Some manufacturers like Samsung simply package in a microfiber cloth for wiping off the screen and that’s all, but if you’re the type with playful kids that love to incorporate the … Read more

Can humidifiers cause mold?

Can humidifiers cause mold

If you’re anything like Daniele Del Nero — which means you’re quickly aroused by the sight of millions and millions of molds consuming the load-bearing structures of any apartment, then turn on the humidifier during winter until you transform into a breathing braise of your own perspiration. If you’re anything like me however — which means … Read more

Can you freeze broccoli cheese soup?

can you freeze broccoli cheese soup

To freeze or not to freeze broccoli cheese soup really boils down to what your taste buds actually feel about it. That’s whether or not you enjoy thawed broccoli soup as much as you do the fresh mixture brought down from heat, piping hot with tangy spices and herbs, or, dont really care about the … Read more

Can you eat broccoli leaves?

Can you eat broccoli leaves

We’re so into regular headed and sprouted broccoli that we totally forget other parts such as the stalk, sprout, flower, and even leaves that might actually prove useful for our daily culinary episodes. In this case, we’re dealing with broccoli leaves, and while it’s true, they’re not super delicious when made into smoothies and slapped … Read more

How to ripen bananas for banana bread

How to ripen bananas for banana bread

Excite your inner cravings with the thoughts of moist banana-bread under a thick cozy blanket, now realize that you don’t have the mushy bananas to make this dream come true and you’ll understand how effective this is, at punishing your soul. Don’t despair when you consistently find yourself in this circle however. The solution is … Read more