Can You Make Pancakes Without Eggs?

Pancakes are a popular breakfast dish around the world, but the presence of eggs makes them a complete turn-off for certain groups of people such as vegans, individuals battling with egg allergy and also those that dislike the smell and flavor of eggs.

If this sounds like you, then you must be asking the question whether or not you can actually make pancakes without eggs? And the simple answer is this:

You can make pancakes without eggs and they’ll still turn out fluffy, flavorful and super moist. Eggs serve the purpose of leavening and binding in pancakes, yet many alternatives such as flax seeds, buttermilk and aquafaba can easily chip in for the rescue when eggs aren’t an option.

Eggless pancakes are perfect for anyone following a vegan diet, anyone who has an allergy to eggs, or for some reasons, happen to run short of eggs at home.

And there is no reason to worry, as eggless pancakes are just as healthy and delicious as pancakes made with eggs.

If you have all the required ingredients, eggless pancakes can be prepared in less than 5 minutes, using many different recipes available.

In this article, you’ll find out the different ways to make the best pancakes without eggs.

Why Are Eggs Used In Pancakes In The First Place?

Eggs are an important ingredient in pancakes for a few reasons.

  1. The protein in them act as binder for liquids and solids in a pancake mix. Pancakes made without eggs or any decent substitute for eggs will definitely not escape deflation. They’ll fall apart with no structure and strenght and end up dry like biscuit tortured for hours in the oven.
  2. The pancakes’ airy and light texture is due to the addition of eggs. They serve to trap air which results in the fluffiness you see in pancakes.
  3. The golden-brown color and enhanced flavor of pancakes are due to eggs, especially the yolks in them. Moreover, eggs add moisture to pancakes and make them feel so much tastier! Last i checked, nobody likes dry pancakes!

Although eggs are essential ingredient for making really tasty pancakes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy pancakes without them.

By using the perfect substitute for eggs, because there are many of them out there, your fried bater will have all the qualities mentioned above for the perfect pancake.

Substitutes For Eggs in Pancakes

To replace eggs in your pancakes, here are some of the best eggs substitutes:

Flax Egg

If you need an easy alternative to eggs in pancakes, then flax seeds can be your go-to option.

You have to take one tablespoon of ground flaxseed and mix with 3 tablespoons of water.

Once you’ve mixed these two ingredients, let the mixture rest for 15 minutes to form into a gelatinous mixture like egg before using it for pancakes.

It acts as a decent binder for pancakes (even though the interior wont bind as agreeably as the case would be with eggs) and also adds moisture.


Buttermilk is a perfect substitute for eggs in pancakes because it makes moist and fluffiest pancakes.

You won’t even feel that you haven’t used eggs in your pancakes.

To use it as a substitute, add ¼ cup of buttermilk for every one egg in the pancake batter.

While using buttermilk, reduce the amount of water or simply don’t add it to create the required consistency.

Mashed Bananas

If you love adding fruit flavor to your pancakes, it is better to use mashed bananas as they are a great egg substitute.

It’s clear that the pancakes will have a slight banana flavor but will not bother you if you love fruits.

Ensure to use fully ripen banana to get the necessary binding result you’re looking for.


You might not have heard about aquafaba before.

It is a liquid from canned chickpeas and has an egg white like consistency when whipped up properly.

To make your pancakes fluffier, you can replace one big egg with three tablespoons of aquafaba.

It also adds a nice yellow texture to the final look of pancakes.


Many pancake recipes that only use water have starches added as an ingredient to replace eggs.

Any starch, corn, potato, tapioca, etc., can be used as an egg substitute in pancakes mix.

To make a perfect mixture, you can add one tablespoon of starch and three tablespoons of water as an alternative to one egg.

How To Make Pancakes Without Eggs

With 10 minutes of preparation time and 5 minutes of cook time, these delicious pancakes will make a permanent space on your breakfast table themselves.

If you try this recipe once, you’re going to make it again and again because they taste heavenly good and can be prepared in no time.

Ingredients for Eggless Pancakes

2 cups all-purpose flour – Essential for making the body of pancakes and also makes them fluffy. You can also use whole wheat flour, coconut flour, and almond flour for a good pancake mix.

1 teaspoon of baking soda – Makes bubbles in the mixture and is responsible for lighter and fluffier pancakes.In short, it creates the leavening effect!

1 tablespoon sugar – Helps hold the moisture content, gives a sweet taste, and tenderizes the pancake batter.

¼ teaspoon salt – Makes a firmer pancake dough.

2 cups buttermilk – Serves as a substitute for eggs in the batter.

2 tablespoons of butter or vegetable oil – For frying pancakes.

Procedure For Making Eggless Pancake

  1. Take a medium bowl and add all the ingredients to it. Mix them well until a smooth batter is formed.
  2. Meanwhile, put a large non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat and allow it to pre-heat while you make pancakes mix.
  3. Then add butter to the pan and let it melt. Spread it all over the pan before adding the pancake mixture.
  4. With the help of a cup, add three scoops of batter to make pancakes. Allow each pancake’s side to cook for 2-3 minutes until they get a nice brown texture.
  5. Take them out in a serving dish and serve with maple/corn syrup, berries, jam, or sprinkle powdered sugar.

Tips For Making The Best Pancakes

Follow these tips to get the best flavor, color, and shape of pancakes:

  • Check if the pan is hot or not. Never make pancakes if the pan isn’t hot enough. To check this, add some drops of water. If the drops skitter around, your pan is ready to cook pancakes.
  • Combine all the ingredients well, and never use a mixture that has been stored for more than two days.
  • If you mix dry ingredients ahead of time, store them in a sealed container.

3 Best Eggless Pancake Recipes You Can’t Miss!

If you’re looking for the best pancake recipes to try this weekend, then your search is over.

Here we bring you the three best pancake recipes without eggs that you can’t stop making again and again.

Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes are a perfect recipe if you want to enjoy eggless pancakes or crepes.

They have a texture of both and are fluffy like eggy pancakes due to applesauce, an egg substitute.

You can also use mashed bananas in place of applesauce to make your pancakes fluffy, soft, and moist.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Pancakes

Are you a chocolate chips lover yourself, or do your kids love them? Then, take out some time and make these chocolate chip peanut pancakes.

They have the required amount of calories to start your day with all the healthy ingredients.

Banana Cashew Pancakes

You’ll need only 5 minutes and 5 ingredients to make these tasty banana pancakes.

All the ingredients used in this recipe are commonly available in every kitchen.

So, you can go to your kitchen and start making these delicious pancakes right away.

Are Eggless Pancakes As Healthy As Pancakes Made With Eggs?

Pancakes without eggs are as healthy as pancakes with eggs. All the ingredients added to eggless pancakes provide the same nutrition that you get from pancakes made using eggs.

The substitutes used for eggs help in binding and making the pancakes fluffy and provide the same calories.

So, if you replace eggs with other ingredients, your pancakes will not become unhealthy.

What To Do With Leftover Pancake Batter?

Have you made extra pancake batter and don’t want to waste it?

Here are some ways to save your pancake mix from ending up in the wastebasket.

Freeze It and Reuse for Making Pancakes

You can freeze the additional pancake batter and use it again for making pancakes when required.

Frozen pancake batters can last upto 4 months. For freezing, you can use freezer bags or airtight containers.

Transfer the mixture in the bag and remove as much as possible. Lay flat, and then seal the opening.

Defrost it in the refrigerator the night before when you want to use the mix.

Once you’ve defrosted pancakes batter, never freeze it again because the taste and texture will no longer be the same.

Bake It

Are you a baking person more than a cooking person? But do you love pancakes?

Then, using pancake batter for baking is something you must try.

You can find tons of baking recipes online, which will use pancake mix for baking.

Blueberry pancake bake and chocolate raspberry pancake cake are superb baking recipes.

You can make these as a snack for guests or kids, and these will become everyone’s favorite in no time.

Try Out Some New Recipes

Besides baking, you can also use leftover pancake mix for many tasty recipes.

Some of these are pancake parfait, PB&J pancake sammies, and strawberry and salted caramel dorayaki.

Who doesn’t love enjoying a variation of their favorite recipes?

With these recipes, made with leftover pancake batter, you can enjoy a different dish yet feel the pancake flavor.


Pancakes can be served as a healthy breakfast, snack, or brunch.

But, if you’re avoiding eggs due to any reason, that doesn’t mean you should skip serving pancakes completely.

Pancakes without eggs are possible and equally as healthy as pancakes with eggs.

But you have to make sure that you have chosen the right alternative to eggs for adding to your pancakes.

In this post, we have listed some of the best egg substitutes. Moreover, you can find some of the best recipes to make fluffy pancakes that will look great and taste divine, even without eggs!