Can you wash black and white clothes together?

When it comes to the washer, nothing is more annoying than a poorly wrung fabric coming out of the spinner, except of course, the stain impregnated into your white clothes after the blacks’ profusely bleed into them in the washer.

You weren’t expecting the whites to stain the blacks were you?


Black cloths should never be cleaned together with white clothes in the washer.

As a general rule of thumb, lighter, darker and white clothes should always be cleaned separately in the washer, no matter how passionate you are about getting things done in the least amount of time.

The whites can get stained, and you know there aren’t many reliable spot treatments out there to save the integrity of your fabric. So it’s best to adopt patience and give each fabric color the treatment they deserve.

Okay, black separately, white separately, but one more thing.

Aside segregating them by colors, clothes should also be washed according to fabric types, thickness, delicateness, and most importantly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the manufacturer says their white goes with any black, even a bleeding one, then fine, pop it in there and watch the magic happen, but i still wouldn’t buy that cheap narrative, because the portion of earth where i live has no manufacturer that will ever claim responsibility of the very mistake they made you commit!

When it comes to washing clothes, denser fabrics should only be paired up with denser fabrics of the same color or those with colors that do not bleed.

Dense and light fabric together will cause the lighter materials to wear down easily. Delicates, like those with buttons or flowers or other form of designs or items on them should also be washed separately, and alone.

For jeans, they almost always bleed, especially black and dark blue jeans, so wash them separately.

Can you put black and white cloths in the dryer together?

No you shouldn’t put black and white clothes together in the dryer. Bleeding can still occur since the cloths are still wet and will require tumbling which will see the two garments, fabric or whatever they are come into contact. The best solution would be to wash them separately, and then spin or dry them separately.

When everything is okay

Mixing white and black cloths in the laundry isn’t something I’ll ever recommend, especially when the black fabric is pretty new which is prone to bleeding. But after a while, we all know bleeding stops, and then, may be then, you can experiment with a with handkerchief first, and then the white cloth. Be sure to use cold water for the washing as it’s far better at preventing color bleeding than hot water.

Additionally, there are just some whites that can pair up with blacks in the washer without any problems, if you’ve noticed that with your own collection of clothing by virtue of your experimenting nature, then I see no reason why you should opt to waste water on separate washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors can you wash with white?

Typically, whites should only be washed with whites. I love whites, and I just can stand the sight of stains on them. But if you must, only combine whites with lighter colored garments that you know do not bleed, and make sure to wash them with cold water to control any potential bleeding. Never mix white cloths with darker cloths especially those that are new. Jeans? Never, even if you inherited it from your grandma. It still has the potential to leak!!

Can I wash black and white shirt with darks?

Well, first of all, black is dark and white isn’t, so washing black and dark cloths is pretty normal and even okay, except if there’s any fabric with the potential of leaking colors into the water, for example, a blue jeans that bleeds. (a black should be pretty normal). On the other hand, white cloths should never ever be paired up with darker colors for laundry, including black cloths. This is to prevent bleeding on the whites which can be nearly impossible to get rid of.

If however, you’re sure your darks do not bleed by virtue of countless experiments in the washer, then go ahead and pair them up with the whites, but at your own risk!

How to wash white cloths with colors on them

Treat them as though they are white cloths in the washer. This means you should wash them grouped together as they most likely would not bleed, given that they’re whites with colors on them. Unless the fabric manufacture was on weed to have impregnated whites with portions that bled?

Now when it comes to washing them with other clothes, avoid those that bleed and also those that are darker. Wash them with lighter cloths and in cold water if you’re not sure any one of the lighter cloths would not bleed.

Can you wash grey cloths with whites?

Grey cloths generally do not bleed, so they’re often safe to pair up with whites. If yours bleed (a quick experiment should point that out), then keep it away from white cloths until they stop bleeding, in which case they are safe to clean with whites. One important thing to note is that, when washing greys with whites, avoid the bleach like the plague. Bleaches are meant for whites, so they’ll probably ruin your grays in there.

Final Verdict

Washing black and white cloths is possible, but only when you’re triple times sure the blacks don’t leak out color, typically when they’re at the latter stages of their life cycle. Newer blacks typically leak colors depending on the type of cloths, so for your own good, it’s better to keep washing them separately up until when you’re sure the black no longer leaks color.

A general rule of thumb is to stick with cleaning black clothes with darker cloths that do not leak and whites with whites, although they can be washed with lighter clothes like gray you’re sure do not bleed.

Testing for bleeding in clothes is pretty easy. Get a cotton swap and wet it in water. Then rub on the portion of cloths you suspect should bleed. If it rubs off some of the color, the material bleeds and should be washed separately, but if it doesn’t, it’s likely that it doesn’t bleed.

While preforming this test on multi colored cloths, its crucial to check every single potion of the colored areas to be sure nothing bleeds.