Can You Dry Whites And Colors Together?

We all love to save time, especially when we’re engaged in chores like cleaning and laundry. It’s this innate spirit of economy that prompts any busy mom to toss her whites and colors together into the dryer. But that’s a practice that could have cons far more dreadful than any perk. Drying whites and colors … Read more

Can You Wash Dry Clean Only?

Many clothes nowadays are slapped with the “dry clean only” tag. But there’s an intentional deliberation concerning its meaning, even though from basic understanding of the English language, one can easily read out the phrase and derive its meaning from a literal perspective — TO DRY CLEAN ONLY. Maybe the deliberation is there because we … Read more

How To Remove Underarm Odor From Clothes

You take a peek at the underarm of your underwear and notice a conspicuous ball of stain around that region, and more concerning is the strong whiff of smell that strikes against the walls of your nostrils the more you go closer. But it’s a relatively fresh fabric, you murmur to yourself. It has to … Read more

How To Remove Oil Stains From Clothes

There are more than a dozen type of stains each with different techniques for tackling them. Part of the mix include oil stains caused by automotive oils, fuel, meat, and cooking fats and oils, through unforeseen events— like our toddler messing around with baking fat and coming over to lock in that big hug. These … Read more

Can You Wash Backpack With Clothes?

Whether you hike, camp, or make daily commute to your workplace with backpacks, the fact remains that just like clothes, backpacks will eventually get dirty and need washing at some point in time. When you’re frugal with your life and want everything accomplished with minimal resources, or the impatient type of guy that wants everything … Read more