How to Freeze Broccoli and Cauliflower

how to freeze broccoli and cauliflower

Have you been wondering how to preserve your excess broccoli and cauliflower for future use? Have you brought up the idea of freezing but are worried about the after result; for instance you’re scared of running into a limp cauliflower, soggy broccoli or a tasteless veggie that no soup in the world would eagerly accommodate? … Read more

Can you Freeze Tiger Nut Milk?

Once I like a drink or anything at all (to be honest), I would go to the ends of the earth to get it and tiger nut milk has become my recent obsession. I’ve even learnt to make it myself at home and that has been the ultimate game changer. Now, I make my tiger … Read more

Can You Put Coffee in the Fridge?

can you put coffee in the fridge

The question might sound very basic but it’s quite important nonetheless because different foods and drinks have different chemistry. This means they could react unpredictably with various preservation techniques. Also, there are times you end up making more coffee than you can finish, and to prevent wastage, you decide to refrigerate it. But is it … Read more

Can you freeze tomato sauce?

Can you freeze tomato sauce

Fresh tomato fruit is considered a perishable commodity by virtue of its limited shell life, and so is every other commodity that highlights it’s essence as a major constituent. A few culinary staples: homemade ketchup, tomato puree, tomato paste and tomato sauce all flare up into mind the moment we hear this. But don’t be … Read more

Can you freeze coconut cream pie?

Can you freeze coconut cream pie

Coconut cream pie is a delight, but only when it’s freshly baked and not served thawed, after a month’s time in the freezer. Seriously. Coconut cream pies, like most other cream pies, do not freeze well, all thanks to the liquid fillings in their center which makes the pie crust soggy after a while. The … Read more

Is it safe to store milk in the refrigerator door?

Is it safe to store milk in the refrigerator door

Different parts of the refrigerator have different degrees of temperatures as well as experience variations in the severity of temperature fluctuations. The most susceptible area to temperature fluctuation happens to be the refrigerator door, according to experts. And that’s where you should avoid keeping perishables. Milk, like any other perishable items out there such as … Read more