Can a wasp kill you?

Can a wasp kill you

One lighining strike from an angry female wasp can pack the most excruciating pain and irritation you’ll ever experience as an adult, depending on the variety of wasp delivering the bite, or does it not? — children are always exempted because they’re already used to pain. But regardless of whichever member of the Mr. slender waist … Read more

Do onions kill rats?

Do onions kill rats

The rat family is one of the most successful mammalian genera to have ever graced the surface of the earth. And this is particularly true for an undeniable reason. Rats and mice are highly persistent and adaptable creatures, and these monsters (sorry to say so, but I’ve once had a rat scissor through the center … Read more

How to eat green bananas

How to eat green bananas

Sometimes it’s just so frustrating that your green bananas will take forever to turn from green to lustrous yellow or brown. And when you’re craving for moist banana bread with your husband and three kids, you know that the green bananas are definitely the boundary you shouldn’t cross otherwise everyone in the house will hate … Read more

What causes gnats?

What causes gnats

Gnats are true insects that typically resemble mosquitoes in external morphology. They are characterized by having tiny heads with conspicuous eyes and slender abdomens. They have relatively long antennas at the top of their heads which contrasts decently with the short antennas of most other true flies, and most of them are weak fliers, traveling … Read more

Where do fruit flies come from?

Where do fruit flies come from

Once its summer, fruit flies appear magically inside the house and begin to socialize with ripen fruits and vegetables. We never see them coming and we never witness their parturition either. Just boom, nature’s wiggle of the magic wand and they’re inside the apartment like someone summoned them up. I once heard that fruit flies … Read more