Goldendoodle Saves Baby Fawn from Drowning and Forms a Special Bond

Meet Harley, the six-year-old Goldendoodle from Virginia who became a hero in 2021.

When his owner, Ralph Dorn, spotted him paddling about 200 feet from shore with an unknown animal, he quickly realized that Harley was on a rescue mission.

Source: Daily Mail

It turns out that Harley had seen a baby fawn struggling in the water and immediately sprang into action to save it.

Harley’s quick thinking and determination were crucial in saving the fawn’s life.

He guided the baby, who was only a few days old and lacked coordination, all the way to shore. Whenever the fawn tried to turn away, Harley herded it back towards safety.

Source: Daily Mail

Their bond grew stronger as they neared the shoreline.

Once they made it out of the water, Harley continued to care for the baby fawn by licking its body and making sure it was safe.

Source: Daily Mail

However, their reunion was short-lived as the fawn’s mother arrived shortly after. Ralph and Harley made sure that mother and baby reunited peacefully before going back inside their house.

The next morning, Harley surprised his owners once again. He seemed eager to go outside and upon opening the front door, he immediately ran towards the familiar bleating sound of the fawn he had saved. The two shared an adorable moment together before parting ways.

Source: Daily Mail

Harley’s heroism should come as no surprise as he has always been an exceptional dog.

He previously worked as a certified therapy dog, providing comfort and companionship to both children and elderly individuals in his community.

Harley’s story is proof that heroes come in all shapes and sizes – even those covered in fur! His selflessness, intuition, and willingness to help others make him the pawfect Goldendoodle.