Heartbroken Puppy Spends Weeks In The Woods, Waiting For Someone To Save Him

Discovering a terrified and malnourished puppy in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare for any dog lover, especially when the puppy is completely helpless and unaware of how to care for itself.

One such puppy, named Hank, was abandoned in the woods at the tender age of eight months.

It is unclear whether his owners attempted to alleviate their guilt by leaving him with his belongings and an unopened bag of food that he couldn’t open himself, but their attempt, if any, was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, thanks to the kindness of strangers, Hank’s story has a happy ending.

A Good Samaritan stumbled upon Hank in a local forest in Florida. The puppy sat motionless on his dog bed, showing no reaction even as the rescuer approached.

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The rescuer noticed a bag of dog food and toys next to Hank, left behind by his previous owners. However, the food bag remained sealed, making it impossible for Hank to access it.

What concerned the rescuer most was Hank’s complete lack of responsiveness to any form of communication. He simply sat there like a living statue, his face reflecting the brokenness in his heart.

Understanding the urgency of the situation and the condition of the dog, the rescuer chose not to move Hank but instead called a local animal shelter for assistance.

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After two weeks in the woods, Hank finally received help when the shelter staff promptly responded to the call.

Approaching with caution, the staff worried that Hank might display hostility towards humans due to his ordeal. However, upon their arrival, Hank expressed only gratitude and affection towards his saviors.

Rosa Fond, the owner of Humans and Animals United, stated that Hank was one of the most adorable and loving dogs they had ever encountered, quickly captivating the hearts of everyone at the shelter.

Hank recognized that the humans approaching him were there to rescue him and showed his appreciation in every way he could.

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Following a veterinary examination, it was revealed that Hank’s immobility was due to a broken leg.

The vet estimated that the injury was at least two weeks old, indicating that Hank may have sustained it prior to being abandoned.

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There were no other visible signs of abuse, leaving the circumstances surrounding his abandonment unclear.

One thing was certain: Hank needed leg surgery urgently. Fond wasted no time in covering the costs of the treatment.

However, due to Hank’s malnourished state, he was deemed unfit for surgery and had to gain weight before it could proceed.

In the meantime, Hank received an abundance of love, affection, and attention from the veterinary staff who couldn’t get enough of him.

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After the successful surgery, Hank was placed in a foster home where he is currently enjoying the best days of his life.

Despite numerous inquiries about adopting Hank, Fond believes it is best for him to fully recover before being placed with a new family.

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"He's going to have a journey ahead of him before he's fully adoptable… but he's safe now and will never be hurt again," Fond assured.