Hilarious and Messy: Great Danes Order Ice Cream, Then Had a Blowout

One bright, sunny day, a spectacle of delight took place at a local Dairy Queen, creating smiles and laughter for everyone involved. If you were there, you’ll get a kick out of it too.

An ordinary day turned joyful due to an unexpected visit from a band of furry customers with wagging tails and tongues hanging out in anticipation.

A group of five towering yet gentle Great Danes (names are Lady Darla, Eva, Ryder, Maddie and Ellie, packed tightly into a caravan like sardines in a can, arrived at the Dairy Queen with one clear mission – to get their paws on some delicious ice cream sundaes! 

The Great Danes hail from as far as Michigan (Lady Darla, Eva, Ryder — siblings all together referred to as Squirrel Patrol) and sunny Florida (Maddie and Ellie – their friends); long distances synonymously representing the strong bond they shared.

Together since their puppy days, this tight-knit sort of family group of brothers and sisters have had many adventures together.

Once they arrived at the drive-thru window at the Dairy Queen that day, each one attempted to make an order, and you needed to see their faces.

However, despite their best attempts to bark out their preferred treats – clearly synonymous with vanilla ice cream sundaes in Doggo language – the Dairy Queen employee politely struggled to understand them.

Luckily enough though, help was not too far away! The dogs’ ever-patient owners came to the rescue by interpreting and placing orders on behalf of our furry friends.

In no time at all five mouth-watering vanilla ice cream sundaes were prepared!

The instant moment when those creamy delights were handed over through the drive-thru window was nothing less than magical.

The dogs’ eyes twinkled with dewy anticipation as their taste buds got ready for an exclusive party!

Every vanilla ice cream sundae was devoured quickly and with such enthusiasm that it would have made any food critic envious. There were wagging tails left and right signifying joy in its rawest form.

Source: Lady Darla’s Legacy – The Squirrel Patrol

Amongst these eager eaters was Lady Darla, who stood out as the fastest indulger of them all. Her love for vanilla sundaes got her noticed by many and cherished by all.

However, it wasn’t all sprinkles and cherries for our canine companions on their journey back home.

Unfortunately one of them had a blowout in the van adding a rather unintended ‘surprise’ ending to what had been overall an unforgettable adventure full of laughter and pups dripping with dairy goodness! Guess who it was? The Lady herself!

As fate would have it, months later (on the 24th of August, 2022) sadness shadowed their joyous memory when Lady Darla passed away.

She was a cherished rescue Dane and beloved therapy dog.

The news was shared on her popular Facebook page where countless followers mourned the loss of this exceptional canine.

It was revealed that she had succumbed to a ruptured tumor in her spleen which led to internal bleeding, despite being rushed urgently to the emergency vet.

Her sudden passing left a void in many hearts as she was adored by numerous people for her radiant kindness and joy.

Her legacy lives on today amongst her family who continue to celebrate her life in sweet homage by relishing vanilla ice cream sundaes just like she did!

They remember how her tail always wagged a little faster whenever she saw one coming her way – a happy reminder that Love can indeed come in different forms – sometimes even shaped like a delicious chilled scoop of heavenly vanilla sundae!

And so ends our heartwarming tale about five daring Danes whose simple quest for ice-cream brought so much joy to themselves and everyone around them along the way.

Rest In peace Lady Dane.