Man Lives With The World’s Largest Wolf And Treats Him Like A Puppy

Most of us are familiar with large dogs, and some of us may have even had the pleasure of meeting a few in person.

However, it’s not every day that you see a wolf behaving just like a typical pet dog.

That’s precisely the scenario with Andrey, who is inseparable from his Canadian wolf companion, Akela. Despite Akela’s giant size, Andrey treats him like any other furry friend.

The bond between these two is captivatingly displayed in a video that Andrey posted on his Youtube channel. The footage showcases how heartwarmingly endearing Akela’s behavior is.

Source: Youtube

In the video, Akela first strikes a pose for the camera with Andrey before he begins to play around with him.

This playful interaction includes nuzzling into Andrey and playfully nipping at his hoodie. At one point, he even clambered on top of Andrey while trying to reach for his hoodie and ears.

To many people, this interaction might seem intimidating; however, it’s clear to anyone watching that this affectionate wolf is merely enjoying some playful time with his owner.

Akela’s playful antics persist throughout the video where it becomes evident that he wasn’t really interested in making a video–he simply wanted to spend some quality time playing with Andrey.

The manner in which they play would be considered quite natural for them.

To those unfamiliar with this type of behavior, Akela’s biting and somewhat aggressive actions might seem rather daunting – but this perception arises largely from his size.

Source: Youtube

Not unlike other dog breeds, wolves often exhibit similar behaviors when they’re play-fighting with their canine companions or pack members.

A stimulating form of entertainment for them – and for Akela – interacting like this with Andrey signifies that he regards him as part of his pack.

Furthermore, it’s evident that Andrey can handle Akela’s playful advances with ease, often managing them single-handedly.

Akela’s playful and positive behavior is a testament to how lovingly Andrey cares for him. He ensures Akela has ample space to roam around by providing him with a massive cage that doesn’t constrain his movements.

Source: Youtube

Moreover, the well-maintained condition of Akela’s fur makes it apparent that he lives a comfortable, luxurious life and has found a forever home with Andrey.

While we’re uncertain about how their relationship will progress in the future, we eagerly anticipate any further updates on their beautiful companionship.