10 Foods That Can Be Eaten Raw

Howdy “raw foodie”! You’re on the perfect page if you want to learn more about foods that can be eaten raw. On this page, we have a solid ten of them — from veggies, meat to spices and even grains, and we’re pretty sure there are foods on this list that’ll never cross your mind … Read more

Can You Eat Snow?

There’s a study out there, published between 2008 to 2009, that suggests wintering beef cattles can actually eat snow as their primary source of water, thus extending the grazing season a bit more while eliminating the costs of providing clean and drinkable water concomitantly. That’s an exciting discovery for anyone who’s a rancher, and that … Read more

Can You Eat Egg Shells?

Many of us are guilty of tossing eggshells into bins because we feel they’re of no use to us. If only we’re aware of the nutritional value we’re leaving on the table whenever we do that! I’m pretty sure we’d treat eggshells with much care and attention the same way we treat the whites and … Read more

Can You Eat Turkey Eggs?

Chicken eggs are the most popular form of bird egg consumed around the world, but that isn’t to say that eggs from other bird species aren’t edible at all. Ducks, like chickens, lay eggs too, and their eggs are even more nutritious compared to chicken eggs. And the good part is that they’re completely safe … Read more

Can You Eat Duck Eggs?

Put your hands up in the air if you’ve heard about the peculiar street food “balut”? Yes, that outlandish variety of dish from the Asian community is primarily made using duck eggs, particularly from the sub-family called Pateros. But why them? Is it because they produce super tender embryo bones to bite on? Anyways, balut … Read more

Can You Eat Celery Leaves?

Congratulations on taking the next step in your daily celery episodes. Good thing you’re pondering over the possible nutrients you’re leaving off the table whenever you reach for the celery stalks and ditch the luscious greens at the top of their heads. There is, indeed, very exciting news for you! Celery leaves are perfectly safe … Read more