Can You Eat Spinach Raw?

Popeye, the 20th century pop culture character, wasn’t wrong for having a strong affinity for spinach! He was right after all, spinach appears to be the rhinestone of the leafy greens, packed with abundance of nutrients from vitamins, minerals, to strongly powerful plant compounds having supernatural benefits. Of the many ways that people consume spinach … Read more

Can You Eat Sausage Raw?

It’s fair to say sausage is like the “national anthem” for many countries around the world— a “doodah” imbibed! Birthed from an unknown mother and made using portions of meat pulled out from a single species of animal or from a skillful combination of varied species of animals, sausage is indeed the most mysterious way … Read more

Can You Eat Imitation Crab Raw?

Of Japanese origin, imitation crab has found its way across borders and turned into a national sensation here in the United States. You’ll find them stuffed into sushi, used in california rolls, fried into delicious crab sticks, and scattered across many different salad preparations, for example, the popular “seafood macaroni salad”. In some places, you’ll … Read more

Can You Eat Jicama Raw?

Hee-ka-ma, as the globular shaped article is weirdly pronounced, is a root vegetable resembling a cross between turnip and sweet potato. Its use extended as far back as the 3rd millennium in the modern day country called Peru — a state in Latin America known for its plentiful adventure areas, culture and diverse food preparations. … Read more

Can You Eat Venison Rare?

Venison is the meat you get from antlered animals like deer and elk. The meat is quite interesting having a taste that varies dramatically according to factors such as age of deer, diet of the deer, stress the deer was subjected to prior to slaughter, and how long it was hung prior to use. Among … Read more

Can You Eat Castor Beans?

Can you eat castor plant

Castor beans, though not members of the true beans family as implied by their colloquial name, are the reason why we have castor oil — an ancient time ingredient having tremendous medicinal, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Castor oil for example, is an FDA approved food additive, which means it can safely be used in food … Read more