Pittie Loves To Nap On Dad’s Shoulder, Although She’s A Big Girl Now

Norman and Annabelle are two lucky Pitbulls who grew up with their own sibling in the same forever home.

They were part of a large litter of 12 puppies who were born on Friday, the 13th, but that did not stop them from finding happiness and love.

Their story began when Bobby Keane and his wife, Danni, from Maryland, decided to foster a pregnant Pitbull girl who was about to give birth.

They knew it was a huge responsibility, but they wanted to give the mother and her puppies a chance to survive.

One week later, the 12 puppies arrived into their new Maryland home. 

Bobby and Danni had no intention of keeping any of them, but they soon fell in love with two of them: Norman and Annabelle.

They decided to adopt them and make them part of their family.

How They Bonded With Their Hoomans

Norman and Annabelle quickly formed a special bond with their hoomans. 

Norman became close with Danni and her daughter, while Annabelle chose Bobby as her favorite person.

Annabelle’s favorite thing to do was to nap on Bobby’s shoulder. She started doing this when she was only three weeks old, and she never stopped.

Even though she grew up to be a big girl who weighs over 50 pounds, she still loves to cuddle with her dad and snooze on his shoulder.

Bobby does not mind having his furry daughter on his shoulder.

He loves her very much and enjoys their napping time together.

He sometimes makes her move when she gets too excited, but he always lets her come back and fall asleep on his shoulder.

Danni captured this adorable habit on video and shared it online. 

This is how Norman and Annabelle became internet sensations.

How They Live Their Happy Lives

Norman and Annabelle are now three years old, but they still act like puppies. 

They have a lot of energy and love to play with each other and their hoomans.

They also like to go on adventures, such as visiting parks, hiking trails, or renting a SniffSpot, which is a private space where dogs can run and explore.

Bobby and Danni document their daily lives with their dogs on  Instagram and TikTok, where they have thousands of followers who adore them.

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They call them their Little Monsters, but they are really sweethearts who bring joy and laughter to everyone who sees them.

Bobby and Danni say they never expected to become social media stars, but they are happy to share their dogs’ stories with the world.

They see it as a way of creating a video diary of their lives with their dogs, which they can cherish forever.

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Norman and Annabelle are truly blessed to have each other and their loving hoomans. They are proof that Friday the 13th can be a lucky day for some dogs.