Puppy Thrown Off A Bridge With A Tape Over His Mouth Reunites With His Savior

Inhumanity towards animals is a distressing reality that continues to shock us.

Sometimes, dogs are subjected to more than just abandonment by their families. They are often cruelly left without access to food, water, or even air.

The heartrending story of Louie, a puppy betrayed by his owners and then tossed off a bridge with tape binding his mouth shut, is tragically one of these cases.

On an otherwise usual night in Griffith, Indiana, local resident Bob Hoelter decided to take a walk instead of driving to the local store. His decision would serve as an unexpected lifesaver for Louie.

As Hoelter passed over a bridge, he heard faint whimpering in the distance. Driven by compassion and concern, he followed the sound until he found himself beneath the bridge.

Source: The Dodo

Despite the darkness around him, Hoelter used his flashlight to search for the source of the distressing whimpers. Eventually, he found Louie huddled on the ground in fear and cold.

The sight of electrical tape gagging the puppy’s mouth angered and saddened him. Recognizing that time was against them, Hoelter rushed Louie to Griffith Animal Hospital.

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Once at the hospital, Veterinarian Dr. Lori Kovacich acted immediately to treat Louie’s injuries. She did not even pause to ask Hoelter for identification or contact information.

The severity of Louie’s condition stunned Kovacich and her team; skin irritation on his muzzle suggested the tape had been there for an extended period.

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After admitting him into immediate care and treatment involving antibiotics and ointments; he was made comfortable with soft toys and blankets.

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Further examination revealed another alarming injury; one of Louie’s legs was broken due to being thrown off the bridge onto the hard ground rather than into the water. Dr. Kovacich was appalled by this act of cruelty and expressed her anger and sadness on social media.

Source: The Dodo

Thanks to prompt treatment, Louie began showing signs of recovery and his playful personality soon became evident in the hospital.

His story was shared on the hospital’s social media channels, which not only led to a reunion with Hoelter but also found Louie a new loving home.

Mary and Doug Witting, long-term clients of Griffith Animal Hospital, decided to adopt Louie after losing their own pet recently. They named him “Louie” and welcomed him into a home filled with love, care, and affection.

Source: The Dodo

The cruelty inflicted upon animals like Louie is unimaginable for any animal lover. Thanks to compassionate individuals like Bob Hoelter, Dr. Lena Kovachich, and the Wittings however, there is hope for recovery from both physical and emotional trauma.