Sick And Traumatized Street Puppy Feels Love For The First Time

Every day, thousands of puppies around the world suffer and die due to neglect and harsh conditions on the streets.

These innocent creatures are left without a forever home or even a shelter to seek refuge in.

One such puppy, Mila, was abandoned on the streets with no one to help her.

She was already severely anemic and her weak legs could barely support her. It seemed like all hope was lost until a compassionate man came across her and decided that today would not be the day she dies…

Esdras Andrade, a man dedicated to rescuing street animals, received a call about Mila and immediately rushed to her aid. When he found her, she was malnourished, sick, and anemic. To make matters worse, she was traumatized and terrified of people, but too weak to run away.

Source: Esdras Andrade

Mila surrendered herself to Esdras, unaware that he would provide her with the first touch of kindness from a human being.

Rebuilding Mila’s trust in humanity was not an easy process. After enduring such horrific conditions, she had a long way to go before she could feel safe again.

When she entered her new temporary home for the first time, she was timid and reserved. However, one thing was clear – she had a gentle nature and yearned for love and affection.

Source: Esdras Andrade

Esdras lovingly cleaned Mila’s dirty coat and gave her a much-needed bath – likely the first one she had ever experienced.

Source: Esdras Andrade

Surprisingly, Mila didn’t protest or resist; instead, it seemed as though she felt relieved and relaxed for the first time in ages.

"Mila is feeling much better now. Her first bath made her skin softer and scented with shampoo. We can sense her friendliness and gentleness."
Source: Esdras Andrade

After just one week in her new nurturing environment, Mila has already made significant progress. She wasn’t as frightened as when Esdras first found her.

She started eating better, moving around freely, and exploring her new surroundings with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Beneath her sad eyes, a beautiful and gentle temperament emerged, making Mila an affectionate and delightful companion.

Source: Esdras Andrade

Now, Mila is ready to find her forever family and embark on a beautiful journey as a beloved family dog. We sincerely hope she finds the loving home she deserves.