Stray Momma Dog Runs Up To Woman On The Forest Road And Begs For Help

Long-time dog rescuer Ashley Boggs encountered a stray mother dog begging for help on a forest road in Puerto Rico.

The dog, unlike other strays that often hide or wander aimlessly, seemed desperate to communicate something to Boggs.

Upon exiting her vehicle, Boggs discovered that the stray was a nursing mom who needed assistance for her newborn puppies. Alone in the woods without food or water, the mother dog was doing her best to protect and provide for her little ones.

Boggs, an employee of New York-based Miracles for Satos Rescue organization, stepped in just in time to help. She found two puppies hiding with the mother, who was later named Goji. She managed to get them into her car with relative ease but spotted there were more puppies nearby.

After investigating further, she found four additional puppies near a dumped box. Boggs worked relentlessly until all seven canine family members were safely ensconced in her vehicle.

At their facility, Boggs and the Miracles for Satos Rescue team ensured this stray family received the care they required. Starving and needing a fresh start, they got exactly what they needed.

Miracles for Satos Rescue is dedicated to saving and transporting dogs from Puerto Rico to New York and finding them forever homes – making these pups exceptionally lucky that Boggs found them.

Initially placed in a foster home where they started socializing with other dogs and learning basic puppy etiquette, Goji displayed remarkable adaptability. Described as an incredibly affectionate canine by the MFSR team on their Facebook page, she quickly became popular among volunteers.

The rescued puppies were named Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Cloudberry, Blackberry and Strawberry after berries because of their discovery location.

In her new circumstances, Goji became a joy-bringer, no longer having to worry about the safety of her family. Her favorite pastimes included walks and sitting in the lap of her favorite person.

Not long after their rescue, each member of the Berry family found their forever homes and are now enjoying life with their new families. Once left to fend for themselves in the wilderness, these adorable dogs now have safe, loving homes.