This Dog’s Relaxing 40 Seconds Body Care Routine Will Sure Calm Your Nerves!

A video of a Shiba Inu dog receiving a body care routine from his human dad has gone viral on social media, delighting viewers with his calm and gentle demeanor.

The video shows the dog getting his nails trimmed, his paws moisturized, his eyes, ears, and teeth cleaned, his nose hydrated, his fur steamed, and his body sprayed with a refreshing mist — all with a very crisp (more like asmr) sound picked up at the background. 

The dog seems to enjoy every step of the process ( I did too), and even gives his mom (and us) a big kiss at the end. 

It made me soooooo relaxed! And I know it will make you too! 

Here’s the video:

The video has received over 142 million views and thousands of comments from people who praised the dog’s behavior and the mom’s care.

One user wrote: “Bro taking care of his dog more than I’m taking care of my self.” 

Another commented: “This is so soothing to watch. He looks so relaxed and happy. You are such a good mom to him.”

A third user said: “This made my day. He is such a sweetheart. I love how he kisses us at the end.”

We love you Shiba Inu 🤎🤎🫶