About Us

Welcome to our about page, we’re glad you’re interested in knowing more about us!

The Motive

Emborahome.com was registered back in the fall of 2020, and the goal was, and still is, to create a platform where people — regardless of race, culture, religion, geography, tribe and gender identity can quickly access detailed, practical, and easy to understand answers to all their home and garden questions.

Aside that, we also inspire people with triple tested recipes, DIY kitchen tips and hacks, interior decoration ideas, bedroom tutorials, home repair how to’s and many, many more so they can easily make the most out of their living spaces and all that is around it. In other words, we help people turn out more efficient, creative, and to be able build better versions of their homes, lifestyle and living spaces.

Ownership and Team

Emborahome.com is owned by The Embora Group Inc. (an non-profit organization), and it is run, managed and updated by a diverse network of people; writers, certified professionals, home experts, editors, chefs, cookbook authors, recipe developers, and photographers, that are highly skilled and passionate about what they do.

It’s this network of awesome people that make it possible for this platform to be able to plate you engaging, interesting, educative, and most importantly, well-researched and fact-checked information that you can easily assimilate anytime, anywhere and digest.

At emborahome.com, you can be sure you’re getting the right type of quality you signed for. And that’s High Quality information. For our full pledges and promises, check out the “our pledge and promise” heading down there.

What to expect

Embora home is the place to learn and get inspired by tips from experts. The platform is packed with awesome answers to everyday home and gardening questions, for example, how to put out a candle flame when you’ve tried breathing on it a thousand and one times but to no avail, how to properly clean the panel of a plasma television so it leaves no visible streaks for any visitors to see, or how to tell when a sugarbaby watermelons is ripe for picking on the vine and also on the grocery shelves so you never have to bring home an unripe sturdy culprit.

And these are just two of the many, many questions that we’ve selectively handpicked experts and those with first-hand knowledge and experience to carefully craft and answer for you.

Embora Home is also enriched with practical knowledge from experts on a wide array of topics ranging from quick breakfast recipes to bathroom design and ideas that can make you and your home better in a flash.

At emborahome.com, articles are written by experts on the topics that they discuss, those with firsthand experience, chefs, cookbook authors, certified professionals, experienced freelancers, and our specially trained team of writers that are highly skilled at all the topics that are covered on this platform.

Our pledge and promise

Our pledge and promise to you is simple:

  1. To provide you with perfectly developed recipes that are tested at least more than once so you never have to gamble with any kitchen ingredients.
  2. To provide you with answers, tips, tutorials and ideas that are practical and can be used to solve real life problems
  3. To provide you with contents that are well researched and fact-checked so you can be sure you’re getting a safe and high quality information.

Contact us

It’s easier to reach us via the official email at emborahome@gmail.com. Feel free to send in any corrections that you’ve picked up along the line while browsing through the platform, your ideas, your recommendations, and also your feedbacks. They’re highly welcomed here!

Where to start

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