Can You Use Milk Frother to Beat Eggs?

Imagine craving fluffy scrambled eggs like the ones from your favorite cafe. Sadly, you don’t have a whisk at home. While you can’t magically conjure one into your kitchen, life hacks are your literal lifesavers. If you own a milk frother at home, there’s your solution.

You can use a milk frother to beat eggs. There are three types to choose from; manual, handheld, and automatic milk frothers. The manual ones are cheaper but slower. Handheld ones cost slightly more, but they’re fast. Automatic frothers are the quickest and most expensive. You can also cook your eggs with them.

Automatic milk frothers are the better alternatives to manual whisks. They can make eggs soft and weightless while eliminating the stress of moving your hands rigorously.

Use milk frothers to get a fluffy egg

Typically, a milk frother machine was designed for making milk thick and smooth for coffee. But with technology revolutionizing many aspects of our lives, their uses are not limited to frothing milk. You can also use them to froth other liquids too.

Some frothers have a hybrid design with multiple metal sticks and adjustable speeds for beating eggs and milk. So you wouldn’t have to use the same whisk to beat both eggs and milk. Others use steam to beat and cook your eggs at the same time.

If you’re a fan of fluffiness in food texture, milk frothers are what you should go for. Many people don’t know this, but milk frothers can beat your eggs to the right consistency. The best part is that it can do this in a shorter time than your manual whisks. This will come in handy when you want to make pancakes, scrambled eggs, or bake a cake.

The different options you have

There are three types of milk frothers; the manual, handheld, and automatic milk frothers. Are you having a tough time picking the best type for you? Let’s help you out. In this section, we’ll be assessing the best milk frothers for beating eggs.

Manual milk frother

Manual milk frothers are just as the name implies. The frothers are shaped like a jug or kettle. The stick is attached to the lid of the frother and is designed to work like your toilet plunger. When you close and press down on the lid, the stick attached to it will move inside the frother and beat your milk or eggs.

The obvious downside to using them is time consumption. Manual frothers can eat up a few more seconds or minutes of your time than the handheld and automatic frothers. But on the bright side, they’re cheap. You can buy them from as low as $13 t0 $15.

Handheld milk frothers

Handheld milk frothers are pretty common. Their design is a simple wand-like structure with a button at the handle area. At the edge of the wand or stick is a zig-zag shaped metal curling over a ring. Some sticks have a miniature whisk design at the edge. When you push the power button, the ring or whisk begins to spin.

The advantage of using a manual milk frother is the convenience it gives with respect to setting up the speed of rotation, which in turn gives the user total control of the consistency of their eggs. In case you didn’t know, consistency is key when it comes to enjoying a really fluffy scrambled egg.

Manual milk frothers also have the advantage of having detachable sticks. This means you can remove the sticks and toss them into your dishwasher to clean. Once they’re clean, you can hook them back on their stands.

One downside to note however, is that they are battery operated. So there’s the possibility that your milk frother will drain out while you’re beating your eggs. Replacing batteries will attract extra costs.

Depending on the model you buy, you can either replace the batteries or charge it with a USB cable. Most milk frother brands like IKEA require 2-AA 1.5V (LR6) batteries.

Steam wand frothers

These types of frothers are attached to espresso machines. They’re the best milk frothers for beating and cooking eggs at the same time. So you don’t have to beat the eggs first and then fry them afterwards.

The downside? You might undercook your eggs, especially if you plan to cook many eggs. So if you like to roast your eggs, you’re better off using other options like the manual or handheld frothers. Then after beating your eggs, you can fry them yourself.

Let’s not forget that the steam wands need to be attached to espresso machines. So you can’t use them without one.

How to use a milk frother to beat eggs

Using a milk frother to beat eggs is pretty straightforward. In fact, we’ll show you how to do it using all the types of frothers we’ve discussed.

Step #1: Gather your items

You will need a bowl to crack your egg yolks into. So grab one, and then break the number of eggs you want to use for your dish. E.g., two, four, five, etc.

Most importantly, you will need a milk frothing machine. If you don’t already have one, you can order online from stores like Amazon. Your favorite local grocery store should also have one in stock.

Step #2: Prepare and assemble your machines

As aforementioned, there are different types of frother machines. Depending on the model you have, operation time and processes may vary.

If you have a manual milk frother, ensure to clean inside the jar. This will remove tiny particles that can contaminate your eggs.

For handheld milk frothers, some of them come with two or more detachable sticks. Each one has a different design, so you might need to switch between them first before you start beating your eggs. Each stick also produces a different texture, from super light and foamy to slightly smooth.

Steam wands don’t need much work. Just make sure that they’re clean and that your espresso machine is powered on.

Step #3: Froth your eggs!

Using manual milk frothers

Pour your eggs inside the frother and cover it with the lid. On the top of the lid is a trigger button. Push down on the lid as if you’re working a plunger. This will make the stick inside the frother move and beat the eggs. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on the lid, especially if you own a plastic frother. You could end up breaking it.

Using handheld milk frothers

Dip the stick end of your milk frother into the bowl of egg. Then press and hold down your finger on the power button at the handle area. You can release the button occasionally to check the consistency of the eggs.

If you want a super smooth texture, wait until you see the eggs become foamy. Your milk frother may have other buttons for adjusting the speed. So you should consider switching between the settings occasionally.

The yolks should’ve turned a pale shade of yellow by now. This will happen about one minute after you push the power button on the milk frother. But, of course, if you plan to whisk many egg yolks at once, the timing could take longer. E.g., four, five or six minutes.

Using steam wands in espresso machines

Famous American Businesswoman, Martha Stewart, shows us how she cooks her eggs with steam wands.

From Martha’s demonstration, cooking eggs has never been easier. First, you need to break your eggs in a bowl or a cup. Then turn on your espresso machine and place the eggs under the steam rod. Ensure the steam wand is dipped slightly below the surface of the eggs. This will enable it to produce enough bubbles to make the eggs foamy.

Rotate the dial button close to the wand to control its speed. Then watch as your egg becomes cooked in seconds. Next, detach the steam wand from the espresso machine and clean it thoroughly when you’re through.

Once you’ve followed all these steps, then voila! You’ve just learned how to use a milk frother to beat eggs. It wasn’t so hard now, was it?

What next?

Regardless of the electric milk frother type you use, always keep an eye on the stick to monitor how fast or slow it moves. Then you’ll know whether to kick it up a notch or slow it down further.

Some people prefer chunky scrambled eggs to buttery soft ones. So if you’re one of them, a milk frother could easily foil your plans of having those on your plate, especially if it’s an electrical one.

Also, your milk frother isn’t limited to refining milk and eggs. You can also use them to beat and blend other liquids like cocktails, hot chocolate, protein shakes, dips like salsa, and whipped cream.

But most importantly, don’t forget to clean your frothers properly immediately after use. You wouldn’t want the smell of raw egg in your milk now, would you?