Can You Use a Dresser as a TV Stand?

A dresser has many facet of functionality around the house when it’s time to replace it for a new one.

Forget the intended purpose, your huge block of wood can easily transform into a sink vanity with a few construction drills here and there.

It can also function as a coffee station where you get quick shots of coffee every blessed morning, a tea or cocktail terminal for you and your family, an under-bed storage for your many collection of aged books, and oddly, as a Television stand.

You heard that well.

Dressers can be used as TV stands either as foundational stands themselves or virtual supports for a floating tv. Having the right choice of dresser in place can contribute to the overall aesthetics in addition to providing more storage options for items normally scattered around the space like staple pins and charging cords.

Dressers as tv stands wont magically uplift the strastopshere like any premium television console would. And if you opt for the wrong choice of dresser, it can end up making a mess out of the bright idea you cultivated.

But when you sit carefully to study your experiment area, compare and contrast color options and pay careful attention to the size of dresser being introduced, you can hardly ever go wrong with the idea.

Here are some key things to note when opting for a dresser as a tv stand.

#1 Make sure the dresser doesn’t overwhelm the space

This is by far the most important canon for using a bedroom dresser as a tv stand, at least for me. I like to have so much room in my spaces and would do anything to ensure that stands. You should too. Because no one ever deserves a cramped space.

Anyways, the message i’m trying to pass across is to never pickup a strongly dominant dresser for a small space, it’ll take up all the shine and make your living space the butt of every joke your relatives make.

Seriously, it’d be too prominent that everyone and their moms would notice it’s infuriating presence the moment they walk in. And if it’s ugly, that’s rubbing salt to wound.

So go for the right proportion whenever you can. As the rule dictates for vanities and their mirrors, opt for a dresser that stretches only a couple inches more than your television, on either sides. That way, what’s meant to stand out will always stand out.

#2 Make sure the design of the dresser fits the atmosphere.

Depending on your case, the dresser design may or may not fit the atmosphere in the space you wish to use it in.

There could be a prominent bulge on the anterior that knocks down the clean look of the area, or it could be the color of the dresser that contrasts with the glorious tone in your space, or the shape of the dresser itself. Whatever it is, find it and fix it.

If there’s anything to touch and put right, i’d always be the dresser and not the space right? So feel free to conjure up your inner creativity to realize an end product that blends well into the space.

Paint of you have to, and destroy and mend if you have to. What’s important is that your dresser looks good in the space so it curbs the regrets of not having a professional tv console in place.

When trying to modify a dresser, consider the following:

1. The prominent color of paint in the room.
2. Spaces to accomodate detachable electronics like dvd players and gaming consoles ad well as their cables without bundling them.

You can also fallback to ideas on the internet that resonate well with your space.

#3 You might have to break and mend a few things to get the right tv stand

Many dresser reconstruction schemes start off by permanently displacing the top drawers to provide space for stroing detachable and portable consoles such as dvd players or converters.

Holes need to be made at the back to accommodate the wires and prevent bundling. There are different styles to achieve this and the one you choose in the end is up to you.

Depending on the depth of work you desire, you might end up spending some money to get the job done.

Advantages of using dresser as a TV stand


The many apportioned spaces that come with a dresser makes it so worth it as television stand. The follow come spaces provide storage for most of your everyday loving room clutter culprits such as remotes, candles, matches, cables, cords, stapler pins etc.


Another big advantage of using dresser as a tv stands is cost. If buying, they’re so much cheaper than professional tv stands that command whopping prices.

For the best part, you may even be having a defunct dresser lingering around the house eagerly screaming to be used as a tv stand. So get it, dust it, clean it, and ensure you suck out the last remain life out of it by purposing it as a tv stand.

How to use dresser as tv stand

—Decide wheter your dresser needs re-construction or not.

The most likely option is that your dresser would need some form of construction here and there: either to create spaces for cords or build up aesthetics.

You may need to remove the topmost drawers to create spaces for consoles and dvds, or, even chisel your way through a second drawer spaces for a much larger device. Get your tape, take necessary measurments and get to work or call someone to get to work.

—Decided wheter it needs a new paint

The paint in your space may share a starking contrats to that of your dresser, and therefore the dresser may need to be repainted to create uniformity, or aid with aesthetics.

—Go ahead an fix your dresser in the space!

When you’re done polishing all that needs to be polished, go ahead and fix your dresser into the space and make all necessary adjustments to ensure eveything is all set.

Decorate the sides with vase or lamp and or even light candles. And quickly get sarah the Pomeranian for a job-well-done photoshoot.

Other things you can use as a TV stand

1. A chest
2. Table
3. Bench
4. Book table


Dressers are perfect options for tv stands when professional tv consoles don’t make a realistic purchase.

Depending on the space your working with, the size of the dresser and ultimately it’s essential integrands, your dresser may need only little work to begin supporting your tv or a huge reconstruction exercise that requires a little bit of expense.