Can you wash black and white clothes together?

Can you wash black and white clothes togethe

When it comes to the washer, nothing is more annoying than a poorly wrung fabric coming out of the spinner, except of course, the stain impregnated into your white clothes after the blacks’ profusely bleed into them in the washer. You weren’t expecting the whites to stain the blacks were you? Anyways, Black cloths should … Read more

Can you wash pillows in a washing machine?

Can you wash pillows in a washing machine

Those annoying collection of plook on your cheeks could also be the handwork of your pillows, and not of the pillowcases alone. And thankfully, the washer is there to help. In other words, Most type of pillows are often machine washable, with the exception of pillows slapped with a triple exclamation warning, typically latex, memory … Read more

What does dry clean only mean?

What does dry clean only mean

Laundry symbols and written instructions are important messages from garment manufacturers to launderers communicating how best to properly treat a fabric during washing, ironing and drying, but sadly, a majority of the manufacturer’s target end up avoid these messages like the plague. Not because they really want to do so, but because they simply don’t … Read more