Can You Store Eggs in a Plastic Container?

A plastic container lidded for airtightness might seem like the most suffocating place for any food item to be, and such categorization, i think, has everything to do with the feeling we get whenever we have our faces trapped under a thin layer of flexible plastic. Children know best! But a plastic container isn’t exactly … Read more

Can You Store Creamed Butter and Sugar?

Whipped up some butter-sugar blend only to realize you’re short of the right pan size requisite for the vanilla cake to work? No problem, you can always store the fluffy mixture for a little while as you go about sourcing the right pan for project. Here’s exactly how to do so, below. Creamed butter and … Read more

How long should soup cool before refrigerating?

How long should soup cool before refrigerating

Prior to storage of food items that are primarily made up of liquid such as soups and sauces, it’s always advisable to cool them for a limited amount of time before apportioning them into containers and storing inside the refrigerator. This is necessary to prevent soup poisoning due to pathogenic bacteria and also prevent the … Read more

Can you put hot food in the fridge?

can you put hot food in the fridge

When it comes to food, it’s always safety first and everything comes after, whichever stage you are in it’s handling and processing, for example, purchasing, packaging, preparation and storage. Speaking of storage, it’s often the refrigerator isn’t it? And we’re mostly used to grabbing mini baskets of room temperature apples and stuffing them into the … Read more

Can you store meat in a mini fridge?

Can you store meat in a mini fridge

First, let’s make the distinction clear on what we actually consider a mini refrigerator in this article – those rectangular or cube shaped models that typically have the following dimensions (roughly): 17 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 20 inches tall — but could be a little taller, or even smaller. These normally cost more … Read more

Do bananas last longer in the fridge?

Do bananas last longer in the fridge

Are you tired of your bananas going from green to carbon in only a matter of days? Are you looking for a safe and better alternative to preserve their freshness and taste for much longer? Well, the fridge, contrary to popular believe, is definitely the option to try. It’s not the complete and perfect solution … Read more