How Long Are Leftover Wings Good For?

How long are leftover wings good for

Hot, crispy, tender wings—what’s not to love? Their perfect crispiness is something you can’t resist. So whether you’re planning to cook them up for lunch or tuck in a midnight snack, it’s helpful to know how long leftover wings are good for. The leftover wings are good for three to four days if refrigerated within … Read more

How To Store Green Onions

How to store green onions

Green onions are one of the fastest growing segment in the onion market which means more and more people are discovering their useful applications. Their mild flavor ensures they’re always the perfect option for a wide variety of dishes and preparations such as coleslaw, salads and many diversities of vegetable stir-fries. With the popularity of … Read more

How To Store Cabbage After Cutting

Cut excess cabbage for your “vegetable soup” and don’t know what to do with the remaining slices or shreds, or how to preserve them for short or long term storage? Worry no more because you’ve brought yourself to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to properly store cabbage after cutting into wedges … Read more

Can You Freeze Shawarma?

Almost every single food item can be put inside the freezer to store, but the million dollar question is whether or not they retain their characteristic quality and sharpness after freezing! Shawarma is one hell of a preparation you really have to be worried for when you have it in the excess, because its chilling … Read more

How to Freeze Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a staple in many household kitchens because they give the best tasting caprese that no other variety of tomato can. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you have them in the excess and are wondering how to keep them for long so winter doesn’t end up boring! Thankfully, it’s possible to … Read more

Can you refreeze chicken?

Freezing chicken alone has proven to be a scary exercise fraught with triple exclamation warnings that mustn’t be overlooked otherwise it’s a death sentence! At least, that’s how every health authority across the web makes it look! Now we’re afraid of putting back our carefully plucked chicken inside the freezer to continue storing after thawing. … Read more