Can you eat raw plantains?

Can you eat plantains raw

Many food items are directly edible in their green, raw, uncooked or unprocessed states — but in strict moderation, for example, bananas, wheatgrass, cabbage, beetroot and even wild rice; not the common brown or white rice you’re familiar with though, because those pack a punch of toxicity! Some food items you’ll completely mark off the … Read more

When is plantain ripe?

When is plantain ripe

Telling a ripe plantain is very easy. All you need to do is pay attention to a color change. Plantains are one of the many fruits and herbs that indicate their level of doneness by a change in their skin color. In the next few sections, you’ll learn the different colors that a mature and … Read more

How to ripen guava

How to ripen guava

Only a few things are more annoying than sitting into a cramped sofa and lamenting the lack of patience that made you harvest your guavas unripe! Remind yourself that you did so after waiting 2 to 3 years for your guava shrubs to start fruiting and it becomes even more heart breaking! But unripe guavas … Read more

Can you eat guava seeds?

Can you eat guava seeds

If you’re chewing on the grittier guava flesh and discarding the hard yellow seeds that pattern the mushy core, stop right there because you’re definitely doing it wrong. All parts of the guava fruit from the bumpy skin to the rigid seeds that surrounds the gelatinous pulp in the middle are edible, having lots of … Read more

When is a guava ripe?

When is a guava ripe

It’s way past 2 years and the shrubs are starting to fruit, its only right that you are bothered on how to pick the berries after such as long wait. Or, maybe you’re only visiting the farmers market, and you’re hoping to bring back juicy and tasty guavas for the family to devour. Either way, … Read more