How to Dispose a Condom

Hardly anyone requires the knowledge of putting on a condom. Not especially when they’re in a rush. But when it comes to getting rid of a used one, there’s a high chance we’re doing it the wrong way!

But it’s quite an easy to do, and the good ettiqutes will ensure that the environment stays healthy and children never run into harms way.

Learn below how to properly get rid of used condoms for good.

Dispose used condom in the trash can and ensure to properly tie and wrap them in a plastic bag before dumping in the trash can to prevent the contents from leaking out.

Condoms left in the trash will be treated as one, trash, and thus will be sent to the landfill and destroyed via whatever means your state is adopting.

Condoms left out on the street present a terrible sight for passersby and also haram for children and the environment.

When it comes to condom, proper disposal is key.

Improper disposal of condom can lead to a variety of problems which are listed out below.

It’s unpleasant to see

No one ever needs to give an introduction on this. A condom left out to sit by the roadside is nightmare for anyone to see. And for children, it instantly becomes a toy to play with which becomes extremely risky when you consider the contents that cover both the inside and outside.

So for the sake of hygiene, conscience and humanity, especially children, throw condoms only where they belong and that in the trash can.

Prevent blockage in the toilet

A very common habit is to throw used condoms in the toilet and flush them down the pipes, but that’s a very bad idea because it can cause the plumbing to back up, requiring the attention of a plumber to unclog it. That’s extra money and a thing of shame for you.

How to dispose condom

Tie well

The first step to a proper disposal is to tie a knot around the middle of the condom to secure its contents in place. The easiest way to do this is to use the condom itself. This will trap the contents inside and prevent it from leaking. If you’re using a condom that traps contents at the tip, then you have two things working for you now.

If it’s a female condom, still do the same, and tie a knot at the middle.

Wrap properly

After creating the knot and securing the contents in place, you want to wrap the condom in a plastic bag, a paper towel or tissue to force a barrier between those handling the condom at the trash center and the outside of the condom. It’s only fair that no one handles your thing with their bare hands!

So create that barrier for them and you’ll be thanked!

Dispose in the trash

After tying and wrapping, now it’s the critical part that remains. You want to ditch the toilet and road side and go for the trash can outside. The trash hauler picks up the condom alongside a mass of other junk and takes it to the transfer station or landfill. It doesn’t matter if the trash is taken to the transfer station, if the condom is non-recyclable like most condoms out there, it is later sorted out alongside other non-recyclables and transferred back to the land-fill to decompose naturally or be incinerated; depending on which technique your state employs.