How to Dispose a Condom

Hardly anyone requires the knowledge of putting on a condom. Not especially when they’re in a rush. But when it comes to getting rid of a used one, there’s a high chance we’re doing it the wrong way! But it’s quite an easy to do, and the good ettiqutes will ensure that the environment stays healthy … Read more

How to Clean Quartz Countertops

The beauty and relevance of quartz in domestic settings cannot be properly emphasized without an insight into what the material actually entails. It is a hard and crystalline mineral that is primarily composed of silica, and exists in the duality of α-quartz and β-quartz (high-temperature quartz). While quartz has been used in several industrial settings … Read more

Does Neem Oil Kill Aphids and Ants?

Does neem oil kill aphids

Having aphids and ants in a controlled proportion and number might be beneficial to your garden. Aphids help nourish the ants population by secreting a special sugary substance known as honeydew which feeds the ants, and then the ants themselves help us aerate the soil by their burrowing activities. Apart from that, they also eat … Read more

Can You Use Bleach in Pools?

can you use bleach in pools

One of the issues of owning a pool is how to keep it balanced and crystal clear. The use of chemicals such as chlorine seems to be the most viable choice, but it’s often pushed aside for a cheaper option, bleach. Is the alternative a good one however? Can it be used in the pool … Read more

Does cinnamon kill ants?

Does cinnamon kill ants

What on GOD’s earth annihilate ants? Their persistence is seriously maddening! Did someone whisper “cinnamon”? Does it actually work? Okay, let’s stop with the madness. You get it right? Cinnamon for ants is the whole point of this article: seeing if the chop sticks, the grind, or the food grade oil can be the next … Read more

How to get rid of roaches overnight?

How to get rid of cockroaches overnight

I wouldn’t say that it’s possible to wipe out an entire roach population from the house in as little as overnight, especially when you have an active infestation. The situation is pretty similar to exterminating ants and their related species. Its mission far too difficult to imagine, talk less of executing. In spite of that, … Read more