How to Eat a Pear

Sometimes, the matters we think are super easy to comprehend are actually the ones that are tricky to take in. For example, how to eat a pear fruit without going the route of muffling inside a palm and taking wild bites like an uncultured bloke. Or how terribly do you eat pear fruits?

Are there any other ways to make pear eating interesting, without having to clutter every corner of your mouth with subtle pear juice? Of course there is, and that’s the whole point of this article.

1) Eat a pear fruit like you’d eat an apple

There’s never really a pear eating tutorial without the good’ol “grab a pear fruit and bite a chunk from the skin” procedure. This is exactly how everybody and their moms are acquainted to eating pears, and as such, it’s only natural that we ponder over it first.

Ah, now I realize there isn’t much to say regarding eating pears this way, so I’ll only stress over the safety tips and then we’ll move on to next on the list.

First, never you ever grab any pear fruit from the fruits basket or crisper and then dive straight in for the bite. Ensure to wash the fruit first to remove any dirt and fly eggs lingering on the surface. Really ripe fruits are especially prone to attracting flies to lay their eggs on the surface, so you want to make sure you wash these thoroughly.

Secondly, avoid the seeds like the plague, too much of it can cause cyanide poisoning, and not me or anyone would take responsibility for that. Additionally, I also ditch the stem-like protrusion at the top of the berry. I do all my business around the fruit and even extend all the way to the top, but then toss out the remains straight into the bin.

2) Slice pears then eat them

If somehow you feel guilty about eating pears using the first method, then go this route. Cut em’ and spread onto a plate however you want them, then feed the mouth using clean hands or a fork, or whatever you like. Trust me, there’s no feeling of luxury surpassing that!

3) Slice pear into smoothies

What goes everytime with your favorite bowl of smoothie, an elegant slice of pear fruit! Cut them into a desired thickness and spread over your cup of smoothie for elegance and extra crunch. I like them thin and evenly diced!

4) Add pear slices to oatmeal

Sometimes, your oatmeal needs some life which isn’t the boring chia seed or guava fruit. Because pears especially the green ones have very subtle flavor, they can easily go into your oatmeal breakfast without ruining your day. They are perfect pairs with oats.

5) Mix into fruit salad

Another way you can enjoy pears is inside fruit salads. When next you’re making fruit salad, like this Best Winter Fruit Salad, make sure to incorporate the lots of fresh pears you have into the mix and I promise they’ll never disappoint.

6) Make pear juice

Homemade pear juice is in my opinion, better tasting than any store bought concoction you’ll ever buy. Because the flavor of pear (green) isn’t that dominating on the whole, you want to be especially careful of your fruit selection for the juice. If you want nothing but a dominant pear flavor in your juice, go as simple as possible and juice it alone or more of it in proportion to other fruits and ingredients.

To juice alone, mic with little quantity of water in a blender and blend until smooth, then strain and serve fresh.

7) Make pear smoothie

The fruits, the blender, the idea are all yours! It’s up to you now to combine whatever you desire and arrive at a smoothie that reeks of the coastal regions of the old world and is not brown! Pear smoothie is definitely the way to go when you have so much smoothie at home and you want none of it to go to waste, even from straining.

8) Pair them up with snacks

Eating pear slices alone with their skins on is fun, but what’s even more fun is pairing them up with nuts, speaking of which you can use groundnuts, peanuts, cashewnut, almond nuts or whatever kind of nuts you prefer.

9) Cook with pear

The versatility of pears doesn’t stop with drinks and smoothies, their subtle flavors makes them great ingredients for culinary use both for sweet and savory dishes. Here are some of the things you can make with pears.

— Make poached pears

This basically cooks (or rather poaches) the pears in a flavorful liquid or syrup for a beautiful and luscious result.

— Make roasted pears

This roast the pears over a heated griddle or pan until they are nicely browned everywhere due to caramelization from the powdered sugar applied on them. Cooked pears are ready to serve with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream.

— Make pear crusted pie

Make pies as regular, but stuff them up with peeled and cored pear slice filling instead for a new turn.

— Make pear cobbler

Coat pears with an acidic juice, syrup, melted butter or whatever seasoning and flavor inducing agents that you like, and then top as desired. Bake over a sheet in the oven until pears turn tender. Serve with warm vanilla ice-cream or as you like.

— Bake pears

Baked pears are usually made by slicing fruit in half then scooping a little meat from the middle while replacing with some filling, then, the pears are cooked inside the oven until tender. Baked pears are often served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Another variation you can make is a crust covered pear. As the name suggests, scooped pear halves are covered with a layer of pie crust and then filled and baked until tender.

— Make pear cake

There are many variations to pear cakes each with their own focus and star ingredients. There’s the chocolate pear cake, the brown butter with pineapple as the star of the dessert, cupcakes, short cakes etc. You name it, and good definitely has an answer for you!

— Make cookies

This add pears as ingredients into your cookie recipe.

— Make tarts

This incorporates pears as an important ingredient of your tart project.

10) Use pears to complement chicken or turkeys

Yes, pears just know how to go well with grilled chicken or turkey parts. Make sure to caramelize them properly to give the dinner some zing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct way to eat a pear?

There is no correct way for eating a pear fruit because all ways from poaching, roasting, pureeing, slicing and eating raw, or biting chunks away from the flesh are perfectly fine to adopt so long they’re not vexing someone to suffocation, and… they also conform to safety standards – washing before using and making sure to eat only the edibles which are everything on the fruit with the exception of the stalk and seeds.

Is it safe to eat pear skin?

Yes, the skin of a pear is perfectly safe to consume just as guava seeds are also edible too. It contains a significant amount of dietary fiber which can help promote bowel regularity, help with constipation relief and also with the overall digestive health.

Besides, if feel pear skins add to the texture department in a very positive way with their grittiness and bit of sharpness.

Can I eat pear at night?

Yes, pears are perfectly safe at night as before bed snack.

How many pears can I eat a day?

Eat a maximum of 2 pears per day.

Final Verdict

There are countless number of ways you can eat pears aside grabbing and biting chunks from them. You can slice them into smoothies or make them into their own smoothies, make pear juice, pair them up with snacks or even incorporate them into main dishes and desserts.

Whichever way you’re using the fresh pile of pear fruits in the crisper, just ensure you’re washing them properly and avoiding the seed and the stalk like the plague.