What does dry clean only mean?

What does dry clean only mean

Laundry symbols and written instructions are important messages from garment manufacturers to launderers communicating how best to properly treat a fabric during washing, ironing and drying, but sadly, a majority of the manufacturer’s target end up avoid these messages like the plague. Not because they really want to do so, but because they simply don’t … Read more

How Often To Dry Clean Suits?

How often to dry clean suit

Suits are really expensive commodities for investments, and after you purchase them, there’s the painful issue of maintenance which is not only difficult to perform but very costly as well. And honestly, there’s no beneficial option than to fork out the money and ensure maintenance otherwise you risk damaging the expensive clothing or depreciating its … Read more

Is dry cleaning safe?

Is dry cleaning safe

Professional dry cleaning has origins rooted deeply into the late 70’s, not the twentieth century 70’s you’re probably thinking about, but the ancient time 70’s. The 1st century A.D.  The dry cleaning business has survived through ages and squared up firmly against many competitive inventions, and today modern versions of what our ancestors used to … Read more