How to Wash Sneakers in the Washing Machine

Cleaning sneakers is pretty easy and satisfying when it’s fairly soiled. Simply take out the insole and wash it separately, then brush around the shoe to remove any visible dirt and use a sponge applied with mild soap to wipe off stains that weren’t removed from brushing. When it comes to a heavily soiled sneakers … Read more

Can You Put an Electric Blanket in the Dryer?

An electric blanket takes comfort and warmth to a whole new dimension during the chilly days of winter! As easy as it gets, plug the cords to the sheet and control to the outlet and you’re not far from roasting into a nice barbecue when you wake up in the morning. Just kidding! Despite the … Read more

How to Clean Black Suede Shoes

Suede sprays not only make your shoes shiny, they also make them waterproof as well as trap dirt which could easily be cleaned off

Suede shoes are expensive and have strict maintenance guidelines. This is because the leather used in their manufacture is delicate— so delicate that even water would easily ruin it. As a result of that, it’s best to opt for a suede polish, a suede brush, as well as some other cleaning tools and practices I’ll … Read more

Can you wash black and white clothes together?

Can you wash black and white clothes togethe

When it comes to the washer, nothing is more annoying than a poorly wrung fabric coming out of the spinner, except of course, the stain impregnated into your white clothes after the blacks’ profusely bleed into them in the washer. You weren’t expecting the whites to stain the blacks were you? Anyways, Black cloths should … Read more

Can you wash pillows in a washing machine?

Can you wash pillows in a washing machine

Those annoying collection of plook on your cheeks could also be the handwork of your pillows, and not of the pillowcases alone. And thankfully, the washer is there to help. In other words, Most type of pillows are often machine washable, with the exception of pillows slapped with a triple exclamation warning, typically latex, memory … Read more