Can You Dye Rug?

Do you have a rug you share a deep connection with but cannot use it for any interior decoration plans because it’s too shabby? Many of us have been there. And while the two options that cross our mind is to either continue purposing the rug until it collapses in aesthetic appeal, or slap a … Read more

Can You Wash Clothes With Dish Soap?

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Can You Dry Clean A Sheepskin Rug?

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Is Polyester A Good Material?

This article is all about the polyester material. We’ll talk about polyester in terms of its definition and characteristics. Then we’ll see just how bad polyester production is to us humans, the environment and also to aquatic organisms and other life forms that depend on them for sustenance. Without wasting time, let’s get to it. … Read more

Do You Wash White Clothes In Hot Or Cold Water?

Washing clothes in both hot and cold water have their own advantages and disadvantages. But which is best suited for white clothes? Hot? Warm? Or cold water? Whites clothes can be washed in cold, warm or hot water depending on several individual factors or a combination of these individual factors. When you have specific types … Read more