Do You Wash White Clothes In Hot Or Cold Water?

Washing clothes in both hot and cold water have their own advantages and disadvantages. But which is best suited for white clothes? Hot? Warm? Or cold water? Whites clothes can be washed in cold, warm or hot water depending on several individual factors or a combination of these individual factors. When you have specific types … Read more

Can You Dry Whites And Colors Together?

We all love to save time, especially when we’re engaged in chores like cleaning and laundry. It’s this innate spirit of economy that prompts any busy mom to toss her whites and colors together into the dryer. But that’s a practice that could have cons far more dreadful than any perk. Drying whites and colors … Read more

Can You Wash Dry Clean Only?

Many clothes nowadays are slapped with the “dry clean only” tag. But there’s an intentional deliberation concerning its meaning, even though from basic understanding of the English language, one can easily read out the phrase and derive its meaning from a literal perspective — TO DRY CLEAN ONLY. Maybe the deliberation is there because we … Read more

Can Beetroot Be Eaten Raw?

Beetroots have a pretty long history. Their domestication dates back to the ancient periods of the Middle East. In those times, beets were revered for their impressive medicinal and culinary uses. Fast forward today, it appears we’ve done a pretty good job at maintaining their useful applications. Beets are consumed by a good number of … Read more